Sorry guys, but am I missing something here? Isn’t everybody accountable (for his or her actions) always and anyway (or have things changed more than even I could imagine during my absence from our Sceptred Isle)? wink

And, by the way, what are all those managers doing, if not taking responsibility for their people? Surely even the mighty NHS must have a way of “letting-go” incompetent technicians (and, for that matter, incompetent managers)?

And do all these “service companies” habitually employ a load of idiots, then? I was always under the impression (misguided, obviously) that factory-trained service engineers were the “bright boys”, and us first-line types the (how should I put it?) “others”.

But you’ve made an old man very happy, Mr. Leonius, but advocating registration by the “prove it” method. Sounds like a call to “technician values” to me. So perhaps I haven’t been wrong all these years after all! smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.