I joined for all the wrong reasons!
But I am pragmatic enough to know where the profession is going. The Engineering Council want to have all 'Engineers' titles protected. IPEM via VRCT are doing this.

At present Health care profesionals required to be registered via the HPC must be or else public authorities cannot employ them. They can however work privately.

If you don't join because 'there is always work available' You may find that you may only be offered the job because those registered are not available and the employer is desparate, also the areas you can work may be limited, i.e not for the NHS.

I've been a member if the IeeIe for many many years. I have seen in that time the requirements for entry rise at least twice. If I was not a member now and suddenly required to be, I would not qualify. Few of my fellow workers in my previous profession wanted sponsorship to join later and found they had to join as Eng Techs, despite their level of experience verses those with degrees who could join as IEng.

I would advise joining while you can before the door is firmly shut.