Jim - obviously a very angry and heartfelt posting ! I only seriously disagree with you on one point - what you describe as a rigorous selection process in order to get the job.

Unfortunately some hospital management - who don't appreciate the complexity or importance of what we do - have used Medical Electronics as a convenient parking area for excess staff rather than making them redundant. I've mentioned this before, but I know of one hospital where the EBME manager wasn't allowed to advertise his two vacancies because he was given two "redundant" gardeners ! Honestly.

We certainly do have the capability to do harm to patinets by our ineptitude and technicians / engineers working in our field certainly need to be suitable and competent. As responsibility is devolved more and more to individual hospitals and Trusts, there has to be some degree of control to ensure they don't do such inapropriate staff relocation on a regular basis. Registration seems to be the accepted way of achieving this.

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !