Jim, Geoff

Whilst I agree, in principle, with a lot of your views I am also wise enough to know that this is going to happen.

Like most Medical Engineers, or whatever you may be called, I wasn't born to do the job and I received no calling.

I came to the "profession" from another technical background and have stuck with this for the last 16 years.

I agree whole-heartedly with Geoff, some of the most useless engineers I know possess Degrees or above, some of the best Engineers I've met possesss no qualifications at all.

This does not mean we should not look forward to developing the "profession" and safe guarding the future.

I've used quotations above because, at this moment, we are not a profession. We are a hotch-potch of like minded individuals doing a similar job.

No snob value, but I would rather be looked upon as a professional rather than a handy lad with a screwdriver.

Like Jim, I too am not a big lover of IPEM. I was an active member of AMT before it sold out.
I didn't agree with the reasons, didn't take up the option of transferring over to IPEM but I wouldn't twist the knife in them either.
They are one of a number of groups driving forward VRCT to the accredited stage.

I also would like to thank the work done by Jim Methven and his colleagues.
I know Jim from AMT days, and if it were not for the likes of him I don't think we would ever be at a stage were we can hold our heads as high as other Healthcare professionals.

I've been on the Voluntary register since it's launch, I'll stay on the voluntary register till it changes over to it's State Registration.

I don't wish to part with my hard earned cash, but appreciate it as a necessary evil as I'm sure all other Healthcare professionals do.

Will I withdraw because I've been cajoled/frightened/intimidated in joining?


I wish to carry on doing the type of work I do now. If by not being on a register means I can't do that then I'll choose to be on the register.

I believe that in time it will control and regulate the nature of the work we do at present. If it stops management de-valuing what we do now by making them accept minimum criteria then the price is worth paying.

Jim says technicians have to go through a comprehensive selection process to be chosen for the job. I agree, in most cases, but I have also come across plenty of "cowboys" both NHS and private companies. If SRCT stops this then the sooner the better I say.

Why worry, Be happy!