Surely (Dave H), 'professionalism' is (like all the other 'isms') simply a state of mind. My own views are well known. I believe that the 'handy lad with a screwdriver' is exactly who we need more of. Just ask anyone trying to recruit at the moment.

Sorry, John, but you're going to have to change that 'Be Proactive' to 'Be Pragmatic'! wink

Life's too short (especially low-life), so let's just agree to disagree. But I can't miss another opportunity to remind you and others that some techs. don't want to 'progress' (in the sense I assume you intend). Some of us have 'been there, done that' and are content just doing the hands-on work! What's wrong with that?

Have a good break, Mate, ready to pick up the Banner once again and carry on the Campaign in the New Year. smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.