Back to the original post on this thread having survived the hard winter, and now chilling out a bit whilst enjoying the summer one flower at a time, Im now brimming with new ideas (perhaps its that stuff I like to smoke, or maybe just the Jack Daniels. Ha, ha). Its also getting too hot for basketball, and Im being laughed at on my skate-board these days (who says Im too old? Define too old)!

Anyway, having failed to raise any interest in sponsorship, how about the idea that we develop the new system right here, in open forum, on this website? I propose that we thresh out an agreed specification for the New System, then code it ourselves, step by step, whilst welcoming contributions from the entire community along the way.

Personally, I prefer to code in FoxPro, but I know that others have favourites of their own. So wouldnt it be fun to code to the same spec in any or all of the usual platforms? I envisage writing my own code in FoxPro, then sharing it via email attachments. Others could code, say, in Access and then share that. How does that sound?

Having binned my guitar, and broken my motor-cycle, personally Im ready to rock!

Kaz smile