I'm not really interested in databases - although they're an important "tool of the trade" that's used in maintenance. My C programming, MS ANSI C, Visual C, C++ and embedded C experience, is associated with cross-compilers for hardware applications. Never really been into dedicated RTOS programming but most RTOS "functionality" can be provided using C.

Like everybody else I've played with Visual Basic, Access and Excel to produce simple databases and applications quickly. I've not got the skill or inclination to develop a database or simple applications in C because the effort to learn the ins and outs of C is not worth it to me.

The language is a means to an end so I stick to what gives me the best return on the time and limited skill I have in programming "odds and ends" for Windows. I do tinker with VB.NET and I think it's probably more suited to databases but programming databases holds no real interest to me.

Saying that I reckon the real skill comes in specifying what data goes into the database and how it's used, i.e. database modelling and development. This is way more important than the language that's used for the application, I believe.