Dont sell yourself short, Richard. Ive met many techs who dont have a clue how to go about even simple coding. Myself, I love databases. Databases (and spreadsheets) are what computers are all about, in my opinion. Otherwise, PCs are just fancy entertainment machines.

Remembering what Theodore Roosevelt said, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" (the biomed's mantra, surely), I find it satisfying to be able to have ago in any old language. Obviously some are more suitable than others, but wheres the fun in "point and click"?

I agree with you, Richard. For a decent result it is essential that the "data-set model" has been well thought out in the first place. That is, the organisational model, procedures etc. have to be not only grasped, but well-understood (this is why I'm always preaching that "home-grown" is best). Many (usually young, perhaps inexperienced) coders are eager to rush on and start coding ("fools rush in ... "), only to pay the price in endless re-work later on. Computers are a tool like all the other tools at our disposal. But as with tools, some people are more dexterous than others.

Each to their own, then. Or should that be "From each according to his ability: to each according to his work"? smile

Many fail to actually complete their project(s) also, it must be said. So, heres a saying (attributed by Margaret Thatcher to her father), that's worth keeping at the back of your mind:-

"It's easy to be a starter,
But are you a sticker too?
It's easy enough to begin a job;
It's harder to see it through."

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.