I think we need to banish the myth that VB.NET is a "point and click" language as per previous versions of "legacy" VB. I'm inclined to use VB.NET precisely because it appears to have made the break from just dragging controls onto forms and suchlike.

As far as I'm aware it uses the Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment of Windows that's also used by the other visual languages, e.g. Visual C. It's a fully Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language, i.e. it's able to meet the requirements for definition of OOP, it is able to create & use methods (in DLLs, etc) common to other languages that also use the CLR.

It is in its own right a very powerful programming language that may not have as much access to system resources at the lower levels, like C, but it's more than adequate for learning complex aspects of OOP. Certainly powerful enough to be dedicated to programming complicated database applications.

Since I'm not a programmer, i.e. I'm an interested amateur with some experience of programming (various languages) from school, college and university and as a hobby, I don't get involved in programming "projects" at work - I leave that to "experts". My job is to maintain equipment.