... but meanwhile, let's hear it for the hundred dollar laptop! I particularly like the idea of a "geek key". There needs to be one of those on every keyboard! I'm also pleased to see that it runs on a Linux OS, that takes up only 130 Meg. No revenue stream to add to Mr. Gates' over-stuffed pockets, there, then. Plus a load of practical features, such as built-in Wi-Fi. A great bit of kit, I reckon! smile

I'm a great believer in appropriate technology, and strongly contend that this approach is the way to go with medical equipment too (can anyone cite any examples of that?). It doesn't always have to be the latest stuff. I still run a 475 MHz laptop with only 28 MB of RAM that has served me well for ten years of heavy usage. I also have a few (yes, more than one) old Toshiba 33-MHz laptops with 4 MB RAM, that I picked up off eBay for a few quid apiece. These are very rugged units, and handy for rough use when out and about. I wonder how soon it will be before we see those OLPC XO machines on eBay too? wink

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