The NEC PC 8001 series was introduced in Japan in 1979, where it quickly became popular and found applications in business and home use, due to the availability of disc expansion units and its general high performance (for that time). Remember this is 1979, so it pre-dated the ZX80, Acorn Atom, Newbrain etc!!

Back in the UK we were still fiddling about with Science of Cambridge MK14's and other esoteric gizmos with a few KB of RAM. This machine had colour, lots of memory and disc drives you could buy off the shelf and just plug in.

The PC 8001 had its own dedicated display unit (which I don't have), and I have not yet got around to connecting it to up to a monitor. I have looked for pin-outs for the monitor ports but haven't found any so far (...anyone?). smile

Here's one guy's story about his NEC 8001.

And here's its successor, the NEC 8801 (very PC for 1981, eh?).2

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