My first brush with computers was at school when one of the teachers gave us access to his Tandy TRS-80. We had a Sinclair ZX-80 and CBM-PETs (4K RAM I think) when I did computers studies O-level. I started with a borrowed ZX80 and ZX81 then a Commodore VIC-20 (with 16K RAM pack that cost as much as the computer and eventually went into meltdown).

I then owned a Sinclair Spectrum (my neighbour was heavily into the accessories and peripherals sold by Sinclair such as tape-drives, printers, etc) and subsequently had my eye on the eagerly-awaited Acorn Enterprise computer but it never materialised (manufacturing/development problems I think).

Borrowed Commodore C64 from then on. Subsequently I bought an Amiga 500 (great software, lots of bootleg, etc, etc) and fitted with with extra memory/clock card but my best buy was a 120 PC emulator card that fitted in the Amiga expansion slot - fantastic piece of kit since it was more PC compatible and had as many features as most higher-spec PC clones at the time.

Been PCs from then on with my first x8086/88 clone 128K RAM, 25Mbyte HDD, 5.25 floppy, 620x480 colour video and MS-DOS) that cost 1200. Took a loan out for that because I needed a PC to do my degree!

More recently did the arcade and computer emulators (MAME) for PC and this brought back a lot of memories of holidays spent in arcades at the seaside, etc. Space invaders, Missile Command, Scramble and stuff like that. Was never really interested in PAC-MAN or Mario Bros for some reason.