My first computer was a ZX-81 with a 16K RAM pack bought using my wages from my paper round. It has so many breakdowns in the few months I had it that the shop refunded my money.

This went towards a 16k Sinclair Spectrum which I eventually upgraded to 48K. Then came a Commodore 64 followed by an Atari STfm. Bought it with 512K an upgraded it to a whopping 1 Meg just so I could play Monkey Island! Next was an Atari STe with 2Meg RAM.

I eventually ventured into PCs with the purchase of a 486DX2/66 with 8 Meg RAM 420Meg HD and a dual speed CD rom and Windows 3.1. Should have cost a huge 1495 at the time but somehow the mail order company forgot they sent in and never billed me! shocked

Many PCs later I've finally seen the light and how use a Macbook at home. grin