I've just taken a look at your Watford Electronics link, Huw. I hadn't realised they were still with us up until recently, let alone just gone "down the pan", as it were. I always imagined they packed it in years ago, with the demise of the BBC Micro (and the Viglen add-ons, and all the rest). With profit margins of 1%, maybe Mr. Jessa didn't make too many zillions after all (I bet he did though, all the same)! Good luck to them, says I. smile

Meanwhile, I see that Solidisk is still with us, even if they have moved on to, er, better (?) things (not a single RAM in sight, sideways or otherwise)!

Lastly, amazing as it may seem, there is still a strong following for the good old Beeb, as this link shows (that's it for now ... I've got work to do)! <beep>

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