Yes, it's interesting to observe the comings and goings on this forum. It usually starts to light up at around nine in the morning, as all those hard-working biomed shops put on the kettle and boot-up the PC's. Conversely, it goes a bit quiet at knocking-off time. Very few come on over the weekends. There are a couple of night-owls (you know, those you don't give a hoot what time of day or night it is). And then there are those saddo's like myself, who, occasionally working at the computer(s) for days (nights, whatever) on end, are always lurking. And, of course, Huw (or one of his aliases) is always on too, or so it would seem.

The only thing that offends me (too strong a word, really, irritates would be more accurate), are those who come on here, ask their question(s), get their answer(s), and then scuttle away never to be heard from again. Until their next problem comes along, that is. It's always nice to hear how they got on, whether they "got a result" or not. But that's human nature for you. Some folks take, but never give. smile

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