Interesting stuff, Louis. Web-based is the way forward, for sure. But there may be problems, as Ed SWM has already pointed out.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that many techs labouring away out there in the world still make use of stand-alone systems. Networks, broad-band connections and all the rest are not yet universal, shall we say (let alone IT departments)!

As I've banged on about quite a few times before, I like the idea of a collaborative effort, sharing not only ideas, but data as well. So far this has not progressed much beyond the "pipe-dream" phase, I'll have to admit (due to a general lack of interest amongst the Brethren, it would seem). I would love to be proved wrong on that one. Perhaps the winter months will see a sudden rush of enthusiasm for "sharing the wealth" (ie,of knowledge).

On the question of hosting, I would have thought that "both" is the answer there. No doubt our Mr.Huw can advise (...why not do it in collaboration with the ebme site)?

On the question of charging fees ... well, all I can say there is "good luck"!

Looking forward to seeing your stuff, Mate. smile

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