After a brief chat with Steve from Brighton at our forum I got to thinking shocked Infection control - decontamination , all those flaming tricky issues etc etc that we could spend 15,000 pages on but on another note - what do you wear at work ? we are in blue trousers and white blouses - shirts for the guys ( had to buy mine NHS issue wouldnt fit!). We handle contaminated equipment - yes I KNOW we shouldnt - this is the real world boggleok so chill for a moment on that one - so what should we be wearing ? scrubs ? what's the opinion here ? I want to look at risk and at reducing it - do you all go round gloved up, wearing masks and scrubs, or do you like us get exposed to all sorts, come back then don the required gear to decontaminate ? come on come clean ( as it were :)gods what a pun!)