When i was at the equipment libraries forum in Blackpool the other week RFID was discussed and it got me thinking .... Really! I hear you saying... I do it occasionally (Think). boggle

Richard said in a previous post:
Device manufacturers who eventually introduce their own RFID tag that can talk to other manufacturers RFID tracking system, that uses an open standard, may produce their own built-in RFID system that can pass-on more data concerning current status and location, plus service and calibration data, etc.

I think this a very exciting concept - having information of where it is, who it is connected to, what is it doing/delivering, or... which cupboard is it in!

I have yet to see a manufacturer that has built in RFID - I think they have been caught napping (or is that me) sleep

Can anyone out there enlighten me whether they have devices with built in RFID? With the NHS going wireless - it seems like a major market advantage to me. smile

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