My Goodness ... we can't have that!

Try the following steps:-

1) First make sure you have a Temp directory and a TM directory available
2) Download the file (to your Desktop, presumably)
3) Copy (drag and drop) the file into the Temp directory
4) Unzip the file from the Temp directory into the TM directory
5) Go to the TM directory and run (double-click on, etc.) TM.exe from there

Should work OK (and I've just tried it again) ... even using Explorer!

The main point being:- don't simply unzip onto the desktop (a dangerous thing to do in any case, in my opinion)! This is not a self-extracting .exe file ... just a simple .zip.

By the way, TM 8.07 is now available, and Huw has promised to "get it up" (as it were) as soon as he can! smile

PS: I use Total Commander myself (all the time). It's a great utility, and one which I can heartily recommend.

PPS: welcome to the forum Kostas. Nice to have you on board, Mate.

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