RFID ... a must have? Or something else that, five or ten years down the line, will become yet another system in the hospital that "doesn't work anymore" (aka yet another half-baked "gee-whiz" scheme and a waste of tax-payers' money)?

Personally, (although I'm interested in the technology) I believe that any money available would be better spent on in-house tech support of medical equipment.

"Lean Team" ... or Fat Price?

I was going to give a rebuttal to each of your bulleted points one by one, but I'll spare you that. So here are just a couple of points in response to your last post:- don't user departments "own" their equipment these days? And ...

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•Assist the finance department in ensuring that the cost of equipment is managed correctly.

... in what way? And, anyway, who gives a damn what those Bean Counters think (...can they fix the kit)?

Have you seen this thread, Jason? smile

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