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I still have the mindset of an NHS person.

... oh dear, that's torn it! smile

Scenario 1:-

Why is the EBME tech looking for the asset? Let's say it's for PM. He goes to the nurses station and announces what he wants. The ward staff either point him in the right direction, tell him that it's being used, go off and find it, or ask him to come back later. If it's feasible, the tech asks the staff to get the kit sent down to the workshop. OK, so he may have to call in again. If the worst comes to the worst, the biomed dept. sends a note (email) to the ward advising them that PM is due and requesting that the kit be made available. Bottom line is:- it's their equipment, so put the onus on them! What's the problem?

Scenario 2 (solution):- Equipment Library.

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