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Its really difficult to get the NHS blood out of the vains, and you never really escape, your just given the impression that you make these decissions to move on smile

Scenario 1:-

Easier said than done. Not one Hospital acutally works the way you suggest. At the end of the day the equipment belongs to the Trust, and not to the Ward/Department, and the job of locating will ALWAYS fall under the EBME dept.

Sending emails to Nurses has never worked as they just dont get the time to address those emails, even if it is for PM.

The onus will always be for EBME in that respect, and who do you think is legally responsible, and will end up in court should an asset not get PM at the right time, and something happens......EBME dept, their manager, their director and Chief Exec. And this DOES happen.

Scenario 2:-

Equipment Library. I totally agree. Happy times. All you need to do is justify the equipement library set up, and how to manage it. What tools are you going to use, how will it take away nurses wasting their time on medical equipment, and as you know you cant employ more staff to manage to library.

Doesn't stop the kit from going missing though. Ward A gets it from library/pool. then keeps it, Ward B does the same, Ward C cant get one. So ward C goes to Ward B and takes theirs in the middle of the night becasue they are desperate, tell Ward B night staff who dont log it down becasue they are short short staffed and busy. But this asset needs PM. You got to get it, no one can locate it, my orignal Scenario 1 takes place, something bad happens, you all end up in court. not so happy times

Also to add, you still have NO usage figures, just now you have kit that is not in the Library where you want it. However if you can prove that the asset is just sat in a ward not being used, then not only can you get it for another ward to use, but you start to have justification for more, or less of that asset and mnore of another. This is better cost management, better resource management, better asset management, and in all honesty will save money.

Roger made what I consider to be a valid point, and yes worldwide we have reference sites, ROI studies, there are even independant studies available which show the pro's and cons, however they all prove the same thing. It is effective to get a solution like this, but it needs to be planned and thought through properly before moving forward. In other words, dont get it because the lights flash and you can see a dot moving on a map.( this is where I prove I am not a

I had a conversation recently with a very senior Purchasing Manager in the NHS who looks at various solutions for the whole of the NHS, and he made a statement which is soooo true. The NHS operate like lemmings. Once one has taken the plung, the rest will follow, but it take an innovator in the appropriate size Trust for other Trusts of the same size to follow.

Obviously I cant put up reference site info here, and I wont do sales pitch stuff on this forum.

Finding An ROI In RTLS