Scenario 1: I don't want to get into a big argument ... but you're dead wrong. And (on this forum at least), we are tired of hearing about (being threatened with) "Courts of Law".

Scenario 2: yes, equipment libraries are changing the way in which kit is managed in hospitals. But they need staff (and trolleys), not gizmo's. And if there's no money available for the former (which I doubt), what makes you think it will be available for the latter?

OK, so you're not a salesman ... then why are you trying to promote your stuff here? Most of us are already well aware of the pros and cons of asset tracking, I should imagine.

And lastly, why do you persist in taking the p*ss out of NHS staff? Even I know that putting down the (potential) customer is not the best selling strategy.

Meanwhile, do we really care if the odd piece of kit goes missing? John Sandham has just told us that they have too much of it anyway! smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.