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But, anyway (and of course), I disagree with what you seem to be driving at there. The "Hospital as a System" is a theme that I've used before (and within it, all the staff working together as a team for the good of the patients).

In my "model", EBME is part of Technical Services, which encompasses biomed, "estates", IT and anything else of a technical nature. smile

All departments in Hospitals should work together more effectively, but by the nature that they all have their own budgets already goes against the grain unfortunately.

Your model of EBME is what is happening in your site at the moment, and the model has differentt variantions in other sites.

And even if thats the model you would like to see everywhere, it would struggle to maintain stability and may not work effectively enough. The specialities are completely different.

In fact more common than not they are completely seperate. Other exmaples are IT is under finance, Estates and porters are together at other locations, and biomed and IT are together in others. So the model changes from location to location, which is why it is difficult to ever get a common working methodology under the NHS banner. and ultimately NHS is just a banner, and Hospitals are seperate businesses with a completely seperate speciality from each other. Which is why whats good for you, is not for another. Indeed Consultants work multiple locations day in day out, and are not tied to a Trust, and have no problem referring patients to and from their private practice so that they get more money from the government to treat said patient.