ah, I see...

I have to admit can never say what works well and what doesn't. As another "requirement" comes out from the Central office, you adjust the working practices to fit.

After the shambles of the patient data that was un-encrypted on disks came to light, every hospital got told that ALL data had to be encypted before it leaves site. Firstly data leaves site by many methods, and arrives by many methods. So each trust then have to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions addressing all of these because of an unmanaged incident. However paper based medical notes cant be encrypted, so how do you address that?

Going at a bit of a tangent there, but the point is that Trust always have to change their working practices based on changes in the Worldwide Enviroment, and the new conditions and treatments that appear.

The way that Medical Engineers work now is by far different to that of 30 years ago, and different to 30 years from now. The requirements the top people in the Organisations want from their departments have changed, and the departments need to ensure they have the facilties to make these changes happen

I've seen HA's come and Go, the principle of PCT's come and go, Trusts status's changing to Universities, Foundations, Teaching Trust etc, and its clear that as the more this happens the more Hospitals will be looking to make cost savings and make money. This is the purpose of the Foundation status. They strive to get it so that they can roll their money over to the next financial year without having to start from stratch again.

Bottom line, the technology may not fit all, and you dont have to get it, but use what you can to ensure you are moving to provide better patient care with the appropriate reporting tools. If Biomed Engineers wish to remain as Engineers thats great, and I agree with that, however their Managers cant be, they have to think about the bigger picture rather than just fixing the kit.

RFID/RTLS can help the process that the managers and other staff need across the whole of the Hospital, and addresses patient care, asset management, waiting lists, bed management etc. But if the Hospital has a better processes and tools in place, then clearly RFID/RTLS isn't needed.

If you have these, or are aware of any site doing this well, then I am interested in understanding how they do this.

oh and on this "the old-fashioned notion of a National Health Service, funded by the taxpayer, properly managed and and free at the point of need"

dont get me started on that. So called "holiday makers" that utilise our "free" health care, then go back home. My ex-partner works in radiology and over 50% of the patients are "holiday makers". free for them at least, eh!


and IT-->Money. If that was the case they wouldn't be in the NHS smile