I know we have many friends from Welsh Wales on the forum whistle ... so perhaps a word about Dragon is in order.

The Dragon Data Company was doing OK with its Dragon 32, then 64 and 200 machines. They had (have) Microsoft BASIC in ROM. Then it was bought by the Spanish company EuroHard S.A. (great name ... NOT), and it all went down the pan in 1986.

The final product was the Dragon MSX-64, which was really just another re-badged MSX clone from the Radofin company in Hong Kong.

If anyone can lay their hands on one of these ... well, they're like gold ... as the 500 produced were basically handed over to EuroHard staff (as wages) as the company folded. frown

PS: believe it or not, the Japanese MSX standard stood for:- Machines with Software eXchangeability!

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