The latest revision of the Windows version of TaskMaster is available for downloading here. I am hoping that this will be a stable, definitive, issue. You may notice that previous versions have been cancelled.

There had been 212 downloads of earlier versions, and I would now urge anyone still using them to adopt the latest issue. You will find that some datafiles you may have developed will not work with 8.10. If you want to carry on using that data, just zip up your XTM_*.* files and email them to me. I will re-structure them into current formats and get them straight back to you. Otherwise, you could simply "start again" with the latest issue.

I hope to keep those datafile structures fixed now. In fact I don't anticipate doing much more work on TM at all, apart from the inevitable bug fixes. Feel free to advise if (when) you find any!

Meanwhile, I continue to be surprised that the old DOS version from April of last year continues to be downloaded. I've recently done some updating of that one, and hope to get a final revision to Huw soon. It may not match all the features of the Windows version, but will include most of the more useful stuff. smile

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