Sorry Eddie, but I have to disagree with you on both points there. Alan was the King of Kr*p! In his own words, he used phrases like "a mug's eyeful"! Don't get me wrong, as I admire the man greatly, but his stuff was always of the "pile 'em high, and sell 'em cheap" variety. No technical innovator, Sir Alan!

On the other hand, Sir Clive was (and continues to be) a genius guy. Only recently I was browsing through some "Practical Electronics" from the 1960's (as one does). Some of the early Sinclair stuff is in there:- the Stereo 25 amp, the Micro FM radio (smaller than a match-box), the Z-12 mini Hi-Fi amp, etc., etc. All designed by Clive. Forget the C-5. What about the ZX-81 and all the rest? smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.