As has been mentioned on the forum before, SQL is the future (or, at least, now). On the other hand, Visual FoxPro, despite being a brilliant and extremely comprehensive database coding language, is (shall we say) a bit yesterday.

However, I make no apologies for this, due to the fact that I am, indeed, "yesterday's man" (as has so often been stated), and have spent many thousands of hours coding in the various incremental versions of FoxPro (not to mention dBASE, and all the rest)!

Also, as TM was developed from an earlier work in FoxPro for DOS (see the other download), there are "legacy" issues (...nice BS words, eh?) to be considered here as well.

So, no ... if you are just starting out, go for whatever is the current "state of the art". That would be SQL, supposedly.

Meanwhile, I have discontinued giving out my source code. The reason is, quite frankly, is that I am looking for a buyer to take it all off my hands! A secondary reason would have to be that no-one else has ever come back to me having done anything useful with it! So, what's the point?

But, having said that, I imagine I may be able to help (in general terms) with whatever it is you're trying to do. After all (as I keep banging-on about), some of us here are into collaboration! smile

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