OK, here's today's bulletin. Of course there were no computers about when I was at school (all that came twenty years later), but today I'm playing around with the Archimedes and A-series Acorn machines for the first time.

Even the standard A310 is brilliant for its day. Evolving onwards from the good old BBC Model B (and Master), Acorn did the sensible thing (skipping 16-bits) by jumping straight to their 32-bit ARM processor. Clever stuff. RISC OS2 from 1988 is the one I'm looking at (I still reckon that Arthur is a much better name for a computer operating system)! But also a pre-Windows WIMP "desktop"!

That A4000 is really nice! RISC OS3 from 1992. A very versatile machine. Ctrl+Shft+F12. Kids who had all that available were just so lucky!

Then there's the A5000. More of the same. Who needs a PC? Especially if you've also got the MEU? The Multimedia Expansion Unit ... which had a CD-ROM drive, SCSI connectors, and various audio outputs. And all back in the early '90's, remember. smile

What do they have in the schools today, I wonder? Not British kit, that's for sure. frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.