No Topper, I didn't misinterpret what you said. The point I was trying to eek out was (to put it plainly):-

How come we are paying people at Band 5 for doing Band 2 work?

And, why aren't they being moved into a Band 5 job (or demoted to Band 2) today?

If they are not "qualified techs" ... what are they? Ex-nurses or some such thing? I don't understand terms like ATO, SATO. What's that? An Assistant Technical Officer, or something like that? A clerk, in other words (in plain English, that is).

It all sounds like a dog's breakfast to me. Yes, especially in the "current cost saving climate" (that is, when hundreds are losing salaried positions almost every day), I reckon it's about time all this AfC [censored] was sorted out, once and for all!

Meanwhile, I notice that people are still re-writing their Job Descriptions, supposedly in an attempt to gouge even more out of us tax-payers! frown

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.