Thanks Lurkio for the encouragment. My initial question was a broad one about banding. Certainly to my knowledge, within the NHS, many departments are dual run by EBME. Myself and my colleague are an exception to the rule in being nurses. It was a condition of the post, as it was deemed that a clinical outlook would benefit the service and its development. The qualifications behind our nursing experience have helped us to offer input into many aspects of the service. I dont feel that being castigated for pursuing qualifications is productive, though I do agree " each to their own" in our own personal journey to a career choice. ( Personally I trained later in life and of necessity as my then husband was critically ill with cancer, and so with that and a toddler in tow I chose to retrain from librarian to a nurse in the hope that I would get a job at a level that allowed me to support us all).I was interested in who runs equipment libraries within the NHS, and if so, what is their banding within the confines of AFC. Our engineers are applying for rebanding, and so we have been advised to do likewise given our role and experience thus far.