Here are another couple of photo's of the Torch ZDP. Good, sturdy kit!

Those 5" floppy disk drives were made in 1983, by the way.

The Torch Z80 Disc Pack worked together with the BBC Micro, of course. See the third photo. The Beeb's power supply (normally found at the top LHS of the machine) is missing, as power is drawn from the Torch box itself. Which is good news, as it is, shall we say, a bit more hefty.

The fourth shot shows a spare Torch Z80 card, complete with the world famous Z80 microprocessor. It is interesting to note that this one was not made by Zilog, but by the Italian company SGS (unlike, in fact, the one on the card sitting in the BBC Micro, which carries a genuine Zilog ... that you can't see because it's upside down)!

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If you don't inspect ... don't expect.