Welcome to the forum, Carlito. smile

Actually (and as reported elsewhere) my TaskMaster code is in pieces at the moment, as I go through it all converting where necessary to permit users to edit (change, screw-up, whatever) form titles, labels etc. In this fashion, they (the users) will be able to configure the look and feel of the system to suit (as far as possible) their own requirements, and language (within the limitations imposed by whichever character sets their PC has available).

It's a lot of work (much of it mind-numbing), and has taken me most of the summer (so it's just as well that there hasn't really been any summer this year in England).

I have done next to nothing with *Access myself, but appreciate that it is often bundled with other MS applications, and is, therefore, generally available. I do most of my own coding in FoxPro, which has served me well over the years.

You can download an earlier version of TM here. It follows the more traditional "equipment repairs and maintenance manager" layout, rather than "asset management and tracking" per se. As usual, there are some "known bugs" in there, for which I can but apologise. The current iteration has the same well-tried look and feel, but (as I say) employs a substantially different approach "behind the scenes" (with, for example, look-up tables for form titles, field labels, tool tips and such).

You may also be interested in the Mariner project, which was an attempt at collaboration. You may need to ask Huw for access to that thread. Unfortunately (and for reasons that I have yet to fathom), Mariner seems to have "withered on the vine", as it were. This is hardly unknown, however, as software projects that tend towards complete applications require a heavy commitment in terms of hours spent hacking away (and we're talking about thousands of hours, rather than hundreds).

Yes, as is well known, I am open to collaboration myself. And don't worry about being "self-taught". To my mind, it remains the only (that is, best) way! smile

* Joe could well be the man you need, there.