As previously noted (I think) I've got rid of my Commode stuff. My garret is just too small for a large "collection" (which is probably just as well).

So I'm only left with a few BBC Micro's and Masters now (well, a bit more than a few, really ... but as you know, it's always nice to have some spares to fiddle about with). I've also sold my 20 MB Winchesters (circa. 1985) that were set up to work with a Master. Although they were perfect the last time I tried them, the guy is now moaning that a couple of tracks are showing errors! They're almost 25 years old, for Pete's sake ... reformat them if you must (note:- the guy is a bit young you know ... but I did impress on him the need to treat such kit with respect ... Ye Gods, I even hand-delivered them to him as well)!

I don't suppose you've got an Altair or two lying around down there, though, Ed? As you probably know (but others may not) the story goes something like the original Altair was "lost in the mail" (I think they were sending it off for the "Popular Electronics" photo session, or some such thing). So, a mystery of sorts, then. What became of it? Will it ever turn up? Was it snatched away by Aliens? A good idea for a story (movie, whatever), perhaps. Or (maybe) the US Postal Service back in 1975 was just as ... er, good as ours is today. smile

By the way, the Altair link was chosen at random. There are many available on the web.

Huw:- having now worked out what you meant by "Media Tags", I'll give that a go next time. Are there any associated problems there? It doesn't drag (or slow) the site down or anything "interesting" like that, I hope.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.