But what if people start "illustrating" each and every post? On other forums of my acquaintance, I notice that guys often link to their photo sets on (for example, Flickr*). I find this to be a nice approach, as you (the user that is) can then choose whether to wade through it all (or not).

Of course, being a non-exhibitionist myself, I don't care to indulge in going around taking pictures of everything I see. Although I'm grateful to those who record events, myself I have always found that savouring the experience in person was always sufficient. That is, the memories are in my head (and unlikely to be of much interest to anyone else).

If you're busy photographing everything (you know, in the time-honoured tourist fashion), can you (the observer ... because that's then all that you become) be sure that you're not missing out on something there? Like, participation, for example. Actually doing something. And ... after a while, who wants to look at those photos anyway? I well remember being trapped on my Mum's sofa on many occasions trying not to appear "too quick" in going through her latest "snaps" ... "Oh, you've missed this one" ... and "And now, here's the scrap-book" [groan]!

That and the thought of the hard-drives of the world being stuffed full of zillions of "holiday snap" images (and, worse still, infantile YouTube videos) just grates on my old-fashioned mind, for some reason. Perhaps after another ten years or so, someone will need to look into ... er, deleting some of that stuff. At least URL links have the useful property of becoming invalid after a few years, if not months! frown

* Other online community platforms are available.

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