The purpose of the RFID tracking would be in the monitoring of the ins and outs of a piece of equipment from an equipment library.

With the microwave system it can be tracked to a specific position. Good when you are hunting a specific piece of wayard equipment.

As for the alarms on doors, just look at the use they are in shops.

They are probably a step ahead of barcodes as they can be fitted inside the equipment. Nothing visible to remove. That coupled to wide antenna system with zoning it should be quite simple to set up a full tracking system.(Like the factory stores setups)

Initial cost is the only downside, but if it is taken into account the amount of equipment lying in cupboards and the amount of time wasted by techs trying to find equipment for their PPM,s, I am sure it would pay fro itself in a few years.

As for the theft well you will always get that. What is needed is the stocks brought back in the centre of town. Name and shame!!