What's that ... so you reckon my portable Faraday cage is a bit OTT, then? frown

Meanwhile, has anyone conducted any tests yet with *RFID? Passive versus active tags, how good it works through breeze block, red brick etc., distances and transmitter-receiver (and repeater antennae) positioning ... and all the rest? I can just imagine the "difficulties" in getting such a system commissioned, and up and running. Not to mention how long it would take until ... er, thieves realised how to beat the system (dead-spots et al). smile

Frankly, I see great scope here for hospitals to spend mega £££'s on installing systems that turn out (yet again?) to be an incomplete answer to an ill-defined problem! That is, buying the "wrong" system, which may very well be obsolete even before it gets commissioned (now, where I have come across that sort of thing before).

Has anyone thought about limited, local systems ... perhaps using more readily available (cheaper, adaptable) technology ... like Bluetooth, for example? Or, put another way, if prototypes were produced, would anybody buy them?

* Should we be using MWID for microwave frequencies?

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.