Logging in and out of the Library? Is that all? How disappointing! frown

In that case, what's wrong with a simple log book ... and (if you need a "secondary backup system", or whatever) ... well, surely you had Tally Tags in the workshop stores up at Spadeadam? smile

By the way, wouldn't an induction loop built into the door of the Library would be a more "fool-proof" way of going about things? Clocking equipment in and out, that is. Even the best staff in the world will sometimes "forget" to scan, especially when under pressure.

But simply logging in and out is a bit tame, I would have thought. What about locating the device, or at least the status about where it was loaned out to? Back to Tally Tags, I'm afraid.

Sounds like I need to come up there and get these things sorted out for you, Mate! But (before I do that), how does your Library operate ... does the ward collect, or do the (Library) staff deliver?

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.