Following on from a comment I made in the "return of infusion devices" thread I would like to know how big is your Library? How many staff have you got, what equipment, how many of each etc Ive put in the information for Hereford below if you could put your details in and any comments; I think this could be a useful resource and might help others when looking for answers.

At Hereford (a small rural General Hospital with approx. 340 beds) we look after the equipment below and manage all of the static mattresses keeping a rolling replacement stock of 20. All items are cleaned on the Wards by the nursing staff before pick up and are then cleaned /disinfected in a room specially set up for the purpose. The Library also looks after slings, resus rolls and bags, as well as a few odds and sods it is manned during office hours and there is a key at the closest staff base for out of hours.

Staff 3
Clean and disinfect Yes

Infusion Pump 68
Mains Syringe Drivers 41
Battery Syringe Drivers 22
Pressure Relief Mattresses 71
Static Mattresses 20
Feed Pumps 23
Nebulisers 11


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