My "minimal toolkit" is still ... er, under development. There have been some good comments posted above, and I agree with most of them.


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I think the general rule is if the tool can not do two jobs, its taking up too much space.

A Leatherman tool, Swiss Army knife ... yeah, that's the idea. Walking back to the workshop is all very well if you're based at a hospital ... but not everyone is.

Noticing that this thread is over four years old now, I would say that the stuff I've used the most of since then is indeed Label Remover (Maplin's works for me). The only other purchase that springs to mind has been a stock of lead-free solder! smile

That ... and the PPS-10 reported earlier. Plus a decent general purpose toolkit that was on special offer at Halfords three years ago now (hardly "minimal" material, though).

One last thought. What has become of our old friend exitwound, I wonder. We haven't heard from him for a while.

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