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... for the Psion Series 3a PDA's (oh yes, another classic) and even (and dare I say it) the Psion Organiser II (outed in 1986 and still going strong ... indestructible, in fact)!

Good News! I've tracked down the emulators! I fact the one for the Org2 was sent to me by a kindly soul. I guess the guy simply took pity on me. smile

I'm told that the one for the Series 3a was good enough to be able to develop software for the actual device. Which sounds amazing at first shout. But when you think about it, it's probably how most software for hand-held kit is written. That is, from the "comfort" of an emulator running on a desktop PC, and then finally downloaded (uploaded, blasted ... whatever) into non-volatile memory inside the actual device.

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