Has any hospital out there purchased a unit called the Ortho Lite Curing Light from 3M Unitek Ltd.

It is used in such places as O.M.F.U. (Oral Max Facial Unit) and is used for rapid curing of mouth products eg brackets and bands.

According to 3M Unitek they have sold quite a few of these units to Dental Practices, Hospitals, etc.

However, they state that they have never ever come across a PPQ form and have never heard of one.

Mostly down south they say they have sold the units and to Sunderland Hospitals.

Any one in Sunderland help on this on or down south or any where???
mad mad mad

I just cannot believe that a company such as 3M have never heard of a PPQ or that not one hospital Supplies Department, EBME, etc have not got involved in any way with this product.

Would love to here from you all.

Jim mad mad mad

Jim Gavin