For those for whom it may be of interest ... I've just sold my last Risc PC and the Mighty (and much modded) Oak (what a hefty beast that one is - or was)! smile

The Risc PC700 has a 486 board fitted. And here it is shown running Win 3.11 in all its ... er, glory! The aficionado will no doubt also note the "pizza oven door" which (unusually) is not broken.

Yes, that's a steel case on the Oak. Notice the home-brew electronics in the second photo (not by me, I hasten to add).

The fourth photo shows a Genlock board fitted inside a BBC Micro. Anyone out there ... er, genned up on Genlocks?

The last photo shows an ex-laptop HDD fitted inside an early BBC Micro. It uses a 4.3 GB IBM TravelStar HDD partitioned into two formatted 536 MB drives (effectively a 1 GB drive).

Drive 0 contains over 310 MB of files. There is a vast amount of software on there:- games, utilities and software from many of the well-known vendors of that Golden Era (far too much to list ... but including, I might add, "Elite" which was mentioned here on the forum a couple of days ago), and all accessed via an easy menu system. This is a BBC Micro, remember, not a PC. Brilliant!

Drive 1 is empty with 536 MB free. Would anyone ever fill it up?

The last two mentioned are up for grabs as part of a job-lot on eBay. But if you're excited by all this good stuff (?) you will need to be quick if you want to place a bid! smile

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If you don't inspect ... don't expect.