Here's something a bit different ... an Overseas Client needs information about (what we might call) a "standard list" of biomed tools and test equipment (amongst other things).

OK, how long is a piece of string? I have some stuff laying around somewhere (I hope) - lists that I have used before. But, as time is short (as usual, that is), I was wondering if anyone has any up-to-date thoughts?

The only other "guidance" I have available at the moment, is that the workshops concerned are "small". However (and on the other hand), the guys concerned shall be supporting whole regions of healthcare facilities ... that is, will need to travel "up country" when required (so it would be nice to keep our toolkits etc. on the handy - portable - side)!

For what it's worth, the Client is looking for similar input regarding Plumbers', Building Services', Electricians' and Mechanical Workshops, including toolkits specific to each tradesman (including Refrigeration Technicians)! smile

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