my favorite minimal toolkit (as i leave it on site when i'm in mission):
bost smalls screwdrivers set(+ -)
2 medium sizes philips + posidiv + flat + torx screwdrivers
a set of allen keys , a st of torx keys
a 1/4 rachet wrench kit , from 4mm to 13mm
a adjustable wrench , a strong split joint plier
a set of surgical clamps , strait and curved
a set of pliers , 2 cutting pliers small and medium
a cutter , 50 mm white tape , a 3m measurement tape
batterie soldering iron (antex or weller) , 40w soldering iron
desoldering wick , low temp solder , regular solder
a basic autorange multimeter with thermal probe
various heahtshrink sizes and colors
a set of superglue tubes , liquide and gel
usually all this can fit in a small bag and i use aluminium boxes to have fuses , bolts and nuts , various clips , springs , wires and somes "found in the drawer" stuff.
and , of course , my favorite Leatherman Skeltool with the bit kit
the result :

if you have sugestions , i'll apreciatev:-)


jean michel