Hey Jean Michel ... that's exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for! Thanks for that.

But I won't comment further until I've had some time to digest it all. smile

Those are interesting photos, too, my Friend. There are some "classics" there, for sure.

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(as i leave it on site when i'm in mission)

I like that idea. It's what we used to do in some of my Previous Lives. In one place (country) it was, shall we say, "ill advised" to carry too much "shiny" (attractive) kit around in the Peugeot (and there's the clue to the location, right there), for reasons that you will no doubt appreciate! "Pre-positioned" T&TE*, and a "Guest House" at our disposal at each site (not to mention HF radio communications that, er, never seemed to work).
Oh yes, that's more like it!

* Tools and Test Equipment

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.