I read with interest that the "Voluntary" Register of Clinical Technologists is pulling up the drawbridge in December 2011. When, or more probably, if, any government decides that all clinical technologists who work in the NHS must be registered (no-one seems certain about people employed by other companies), I would have thought that they will have to re-open the grand-parent route for those who are in post but have not been bullied onto the VRCT.

To repeat a previous post, and according to the then Chief Executive for the HPC, more people are going straight to a healthcare provider without referral from a doctor or their GP. Registration of these healthcare providers is required so that potential patients can check that this person is qualified to do the job & has passed relevent police/CRB checks.
I work for the NHS - they have checked my qualifications, they have carried out a CRB check, they assign my work - I, therefore, do not meet the the requirements stated for registration.

Responses welcome!