Nursing and medical staff should be "encouraged" to wipe off any mess* as and when it arises ... other than that, (in my opinion) cleaning into the nooks and crannies of equipment is best left to folk who know what they are doing (ie, the technicians). By that I mean having a clue which cleansing agent to use in each case, etc. Not to mention having regard for how much all that stuff actually costs!

It often takes a bit of time (and tools) to do a thorough job. And I have never yet come across staff in any so-called Equipment Library who did not appear ... er, harried.

Also, it is easy enough for staff to scribble out a "Decontamination Certificate" (especially when the kit is already clean, more or less). But does anyone take those as "gospel"? I certainly never have.

"Wet Wipes" are not the answer. As has already been mentioned, they are too wet! For a "quick wipe over" to render equipment "socially clean", the time-honoured Damp Cloth (soft, lint-free if you want to get fussy) is the way to go. For anything more than that, try a little hot soapy water. But for anything more stubborn ... it's off to the workshop it goes! Rocket Science it ain't! smile

* Eg, blood is easily wiped (mopped?) up before it dries.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.