Thanks for that link, Neil. I'll take a closer look later.

As I have probably already mentioned (?) the first "computer" I bought was a ZX-80 back in 1980. Followed by BBC Micro's and Masters once I had more of a clue about it all.

Then on to IBM-clones (pre-286) in Saudi in the late eighties and early nineties. They used to cost a month's salary, as I recall. Happy Days!

I bought my own first laptop for SR 6,000 from the Shula Centre in Khobar seventeen years ago. A 486 Bondwell (from Hong Kong) with a bluish "monochrome" screen. That one went AWOL seven months later (if only to dispel the myth that "there is no Ali-Baba in Saudi Arabia")!

The second one was more of the same, but with a colour display, and 8 MB of RAM. SR 7,000 that time!

Anyone else remember the "Khobar" virus?

Toshiba laptops always used to be highly regarded. I bought a few in job-lot off eBay a few years ago, and they were still in good shape. Even had the carrying cases and manuals. I gave one away to Colin (my son) and sold the others later as part of one of my own "job-lots"!

My boy had a C=64 back in his youth. Good for games (and PEEKing and POKEing if you were into that sort of thing - which I was) but inferior to the BBC Micro is almost every way (in my opinion). smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.